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How to find a Good Logo Designer in Bhubaneswar

Sep 28, 2020

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Probably the most difficult aspect in creative design is to create logo. A single word or emblem that stands for an entire company, that tells a story, that represents principles, values, ambition and what not. Conceptualising and creating logo requires immense skill and knowledge. The appearance and colour should also be of significant importance as colours are always associated with human perception and culture. Thus making the whole process very complex and intriguing.

Through years of experience and with right skill set we deliver logos that etched in minds of target audience. Not for nothing that many recognise us as the best Logo design company in Bhubaneswar.


Why pick us?

Creative Logo Design : All Logos created by Cornerstone are creative, aesthetic, modern and geared to meet the purpose. In other words our logos are always functional. They may or may not be creative but they are created for a specific task that is to enhance recall value, to occupy that place in the customer’s head which everybody is vying for. We don’t design just for the sake of creating something.

On Time Delivery : Adhering strictly to delivery schedules is our forte. Since we are serving some of the most admired companies of corporate India, we are accustomed to deliver on-time.Always.

Affordable : We very easily fit into people’s budget. Our ambition has always been to serve everyday businesses across small cities. Hence it is our endeavour to keep the service affordable.

One Place Solution : We are truly a single stop all solutions provider for brands. Be it the communication strategy or execution there of, we have them all.

Experience: We have 14 years of experience in the field of logo and graphics design. We have served both indian businesses and western audiences all these years and are accustomed to the varied taste of clients. And Experience Counts.

Print Friendly: As we are from print and marketing background our logos are always print friendly. The customer doesn’t have to spend heavily for multi-colour offset print or digital print for their stationery and other small needs as we provide simple iterations or versions of the logo. Also we test and provide the monochrome version of every logo that we create.

Brand Identity Kit: As a policy and as a gesture of goodwill we provide a glimpse of branding that is to be derived from the logo. For example if you are a food cart operator, along with your logo we will also provide you how the logo will appear in different merchandise and items like your T-shirt, tissue paper, disposable plates, Van etc.

Printing Solution: As we are a leading print house in Odisha, we can give you printing solution which of course is your discretion.

These are the reasons why we are regarded as one of the top Logo design company in Odisha and sufficient enough reasons to employ us next time you think of going for a Logo.





Besides for your convenience we have outlined few FAQs below.

How long it will take to create a logo?

It must not be more than a week’s time. Some may be over in a day or two. It depends on the ideation.

What file format will I receive my logo?

After completion we will provide you with both preview and editable format. For Preview we give in 3 formats i.e. .pdf, .jpg, .png. For editable version we provide the file in Ai and EPS format.

Do you use readymade logo or cliparts available online?

Absolutely No. Never. We create logos out of concepts and ideas. Hence it will be completely original.

What rights I have once the logo is delivered?

You are the sole owner of the logo once it is delivered to you. You can even have copyright for them. We will only use it for display or case study purpose. We may use it from time to time in various online galleries, portfolio or similar events for display purpose which no way harms your business. However if you sign a privacy or non-disclosure agreement which forbids us to show it anywhere then we will cease to use them.

Are there any hidden cost besides the general package?

Once the package is finalised, that is your final cost. No extra cost is charged. But you have to stick to the package.




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